List of frequently used Git CLI commands

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Global Information Tracker (Git) is the ubiquitous tool used by several companies and individuals for version control. It is free and open source. Git tracks the changes you make to files and also makes collaboration easier, allowing changes by multiple users to be merged into one source.

GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service that lets you manage Git repositories. While Git is a command line tool, GitHub provides a web-based graphical interface. Tools like Bitbucket and TortoiseGit are other widely used code collaboration and version control tools that integrate with Git repositories.


Technical support in the age of AI

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The ability of a computer program to translate sentences into an internal representation so that it can produce valid answers to questions posed by a user is known as machine understanding of natural language. OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is one such autoregressive language model that has revolutionized the capability of natural language processing (NLP) to the next level.

The article explores how GPT-3 can be effectively used to better understand users’ questions and connect them to relevant part of the huge content repository such as user guide and technical documents with good accuracy.

GPT-3 Overview

GPT-3 has been trained with…

Using social media responsibly for community service during the pandemic

Social media are online services and tools used for publishing, sharing and discussing information. They can include forums, social networking websites, and any other websites that allow individual users to upload and share content in real time from any location. There are many popular social media tools now available such as, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

The article explores how social media helped in setting up a virtual platform, HumanKind Global (prev. Caremongers India) for connecting people across the globe for seeking and providing help during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Tread the world of next generation language model

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Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3 (GPT-3) is a state-of-the-art autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters from OpenAI. The MIT Technology Review has quoted, “GPT-3 is shockingly good — and completely mindless”. The model is said to achieve high performance on many NLP datasets, including translation and question-answering.

GPT-3 is the successor of GPT-2. Unlike GPT-2, this model is not publicly available yet due to its strong capability leading to possible misuse. Currently, OpenAI has only released the beta version of the GPT-3 API that is available only based on invite. There is a waitlist to gain access to the API once…

Simple strategies for trend analysis in stock options data

Stock data analysis is one of the most endearing and exhaustive topic. Endearing because who does not want to earn profits in the stock market. Exhaustive because the length and breadth of this topic is infinite. You can easily get lost and overwhelmed with the amount of information that bounces at you when you explore this topic. So in this article I will be focusing on one particular type of stock analysis i.e Option Chain analysis using Excel.

Option chain comprises of data pertaining to option strikes of a particular stock…

Build a custom text generator in Python using the powerful OpenAI’s GPT-2 language model

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Generative Pre-trained Transformer-2 (a successor to GPT) is a state-of-the-art NLP framework from OpenAI. GPT-2 was trained over 40GB of data for text prediction/generation. However, to avoid malicious application of this, OpenAI released a smaller model for researchers to experiment with. The MIT Technology Review has quoted, “GPT-3 is shockingly good — and completely mindless”.

In this article while understanding the GPT-2 framework, you will learn how to run a GPT-2 model and then finetune it. GPT-2 is a pre-trained language model that can be used…

Explore the simple path to become a great visual data storyteller

Are you someone who loves data, but not keen on becoming a data scientist? Do you enjoy finding a needle in a haystack? Are you a creative thinker who is always curious? Then the role of a data analyst/data visualizer/data storyteller might be apt for you.

Not everyone is into coding, mathematics, and stats. However, the passion of working with data, exploring the hidden insights in the data, and presenting these insights in a simplistic manner might be something that you want to dabble in. …

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How cool is it to build your own personal assistants like Alexa or Siri? It’s not very complicated and can be easily achieved in Python. Personal digital assistants are capturing a lot of attention lately. Chatbots are common in most commercial websites. With growing advancements in artificial intelligence, training the machines to tackle day-to-day tasks is the norm.

Voice based personal assistants have gained a lot of popularity in this era of smart homes and smart devices. These personal assistants can be easily configured to perform many of your regular tasks by simply giving voice commands. …

Create stunning visualizations for Pandas DataFrames

Exploratory data analysis is the foundation for understanding and building effective ML models. Data visualization is a key part of EDA, and there are many tools available for this. Bokeh is an interactive visualization library. It provides intuitive and versatile graphics. Bokeh can help to quickly and easily make interactive plots and dashboards. Pandas Bokeh provides a Bokeh plotting backend for Pandas.

Integrating Pandas Bokeh with your Python code is very simple. You only need to install and import the pandas-bokeh library, and then you can use it like any other visual tool. You should import Pandas-Bokeh library after importing…

An overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its components.

In my journey of preparing and clearing the OCI Foundations Associate 2020 Certification, I learnt lot of interesting concepts about OCI and cloud terminologies in general. I thought of putting this together as a summary of the key concepts of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This will help people interested to take up this certification and give a general understanding of OCI. Source for this article is the detailed video tutorial given by Rohit Rahi from the OCI team.

OCI Badge

Cloud Concepts

Cloud computing is the usage of computing resources such as servers, data storage, and…

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